Mohammad Al-Saidi

Welcome to my personal page

I am a Research Associate Professor at the Center for Sustainable Development of Qatar University. You find more about my work here. 


From research to impact

With tens of millions in the Middle East lacking basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity, research that deliver impact is highly needed. Scientists can contribute to a more just world through engagement and collaboration. My work focuses on the intersections between environmental policy and development.  

Seawater desalination

Governing desalination, managing the brine: A review and systematization of regulatory and socio-technical issues

Science diplomacy

Expanding ocean protection and peace: a window for science diplomacy in the Gulf

Energy security

White knight or partner of choice? The Ukraine war and the role of the Middle East in the energy security of Europe

Circular economy

Circular economy and the resource nexus: Realignment and progress towards sustainable development in Saudi Arabia

About me

My work experience extend for more than 13 years in research, teaching, and engagement that received international recognitions. 


I have published more than 70 peer-reviewed publications top-tier outlets and received competitive rankings among peers and research awards. 


I have worked on projects on Yemen, the Gulf, East Africa, and Jordan on issues ranging from development and the environment to water and sustainability transitions. 


Through contributions to policy think thanks, newspapers, and science-policy networks, I believe in increasing impact of my work beyond science.


I have been teaching graduate and post-graduate courses on a range for environmental policy courses for over a decade. I taught diverse groups using German, English and Arabic.


My service portfolio include several responsibilities within universities, the academic community and the wider society. It is based on collaboration and social responsibility.  

Let us collaborate?