Publications with think thanks

Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center

Coming soon, article on water and climate in Yemen

This article titled “Yemen’s Water Woes: Why Climate Change Is a Drop in the Bucket”, will explores the successes and limitations of past water-sector reforms in Yemen. Besides, it argues for building back and updating these reforms through state-led engagement and infrastructure development with the support of the international community.


Middle East Institute at NUS & Bourse & Bazaar Foundation

Article on environmental cooperation

This article will highlight the future directions for regional environmental cooperation in the Gulf. The Gulf is a common water body that is increasingly threatened by pollution, coastal infrastructure and serious climate risks. The environmental cooperation among all Gulf states is essential, and it can be strengthened beyond the current state.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Article on Yemen's adaptations

In my 2021 article with CSIS titled “Virtue out of Necessity: Yemen’s Lessons on Resilience and Infrastructure Planning”, I explain adapatation measures of Yemenis through using solar energy and harvested water. The article demonstrates the importance of strengthening adaptations at the local level and harnessing them during the design of new infrastructure.

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Egypt Office

Article on alternative water resources

In this article of 2020 with IFPRI titled “Marginal Water Use is a serious option for food production in dry Arab states, I describe how lesser-used water resources can help agriculture production in the dry countries. Although the use of these resources is feasible, their utilization is at its infancy in most Arab states. 

Future Earth

Article on climate politics

In my 2015 Future Earth article titled “Make-or-Break Moments of Climate Conference Politics”, I go through the history of climate conferences. I show how these conferences are full of drama and disappointing moments that brought the world to the brink of climate disaster.