Teaching portfolio

I have taught at universities in Germany and Qatar for more than 12 years, focusing on environmental policy with relevance to the countries of the Global South

Qatar University, Qatar

Teaching since 2016 different graduate and undergraduate courses including the following courses:
- Sustainable development
- Energy policy
- Urban and regional economics
- Environmental economics
- Urban planning and development
- Capstone
- Environmental public policies in the Gulf (Msc)
- Energy and natural resources in the Gulf (PhD)
- Water management (PhD)

ITT - TH Koeln University of Applied Sciences, Germany

From 2011-2016, I have taught several graduate courses (Msc) with the ITT at TH Köln, including the following courses:
- Natural resources management, learning unit on international agenda and development goals
- Water resources management, learning unit on the value of water
- water policy and legislation
- water pricing and allocation, learning unit on urban water pricing
- Scientific work
- Water-energy-food nexus
- Water economics and governance
- Graduate team projects

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Teaching the graduate course "human and environmental security" in 2020

Seminars for international students in Germany

From 2010-2015, I conducted several specialized seminars (2-3 days at special seminar houses) in for international students in Germany on international development issues. These seminars were funded by the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung or the Evangelische Studierende Gemeinde in Koeln.


In 2014, I conducted special Alumni trainings for ITT Alumni on project proposals and funding related to sustainable development issues.
I also regularly provide input presentations within courses of other colleagues at several universities.

Student Testimonials

The class was really interesting and so encouraging to learn more about the presented topics, every topic was open for a discussion which made the class more interesting. Dr. Saidi always encourages us to speak and say our opinions about the
topics as well as sharing our related experience to topics (if there is any). He also
always gives examples from real life and how certain topics are being applied in
different parts of the world. the most valuable aspect is how he managed to make us
more open minded to the presented topics and encouraging us to develop our own opinions through self learning and using academic resources.

Sustainable Development, Spring 2018

Sample from the anonymous course evaluation

Well he knew exactly how to approach energy and explain it in a very detailed way.
He is really good to transfer the information available in to data that help us to understand more the course.

Energy and Natural Resources in the Gulf, Spring 2018

Sample from the anonymous course evaluation

I am really glad that in this course we are always welcomed to share our thoughts and ideas with an instructor that really respect and appreciate our ideas , he also always gives a good feedback on our ideas This is the thing that gave me the power and bravery to speak loud and share my thoughts without feeling embarrassed and misunderstood ; cause he respects us and care about our opinion. I felt comfortable to speak unlike how I feel in other courses!

This instructor has absolutely boost up my skills in expressing my thoughts , and if he could see that survey; I want to say thank you! 

Sustainable Development, Fall 2020

Sample from the anonymous course evaluation

Actually, I liked the group work. It was the best I ever had so far. This was also important to the lecturer. 

Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus, Winter Semester 2015-16

Sample from the anonymous course evaluation

Thank you for everything you did for us. Thank you for your dedication and mastery of your teaching. Thank you for your wonderful teaching style.

Environmental economics, 2022

Noof Hassen

At the end of the course, many thanks to you. It is almost the best course for me this semester. I am happy that I studied with such a lecturer that always takes our comments and responds to them.

Energy policy 2022

AlAnood A.