Mohammad Al-Saidi speaking at a conference on food security in the Middle East

At the Ninth Annual Gulf Studies Form organized by the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies

23.10.2022, Doha, Qatar


Mohammad Al-Saidi speaking at a panel on energy transition in the Gulf

Arab Reform Initiative, 05.07.2022, Beirut, Lebanon

Description of the Workshop: The particularities of the hydrocarbon-dependent political economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) raise critical questions about how they will adjust to changing global energy markets and what the repercussions will be beyond their borders. Internally, growing populations and a rentier social contract built on revenues from fossil fuels imply severe potential social impacts from energy transitions. Regionally, as the wealthiest MENA states, the GCC countries are the largest carbon emitters in MENA and also the best equipped to avoid the worst effects of climate change – raising questions about how environmental harms are distributed.


Mohammad Al-Saidi at a conference of the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies

Speaking at Panel Six of the Arab Civil War Conference of the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies

14.09.2021, Doha, Qatar


Panel organized by Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and UNESCO Office for the Gulf and Yemen, 06.08.2019, Doha, Qatar


Dr. Mohammad Al-Saidi speaking in a workshop on the sustainability transition in the Gulf

Speaking at workshop organized by Ibn Khaldoun Center at Qatar University on the 14.03.2019, Doha, Qatar