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Smart City Hamburg AGYA Workshop

Participating in an AGYA Workshop

Smart city also relevant for us

One colleagues once discussed if the smart city concept is relevant for the Arab cities which lack basic services, and some of which are destroyed by conflicts. The counter argument for this is that smart cities does not per se mean expensive technology. It often involves harnessing available technologies such as the interest or automation systems to improve existing basic services. Besides, if you are rebuilding cities, it might be the best time to invest in good and smart technologies.


In this workshop in July 2023, we met to discuss on smart city applications in Hamburg Germany, with some presentations on applications from the Arab region. This workshop was organized by the Innovation Group of the Arab Germany Young Academy of Science and Humanities (AGYA). What becomes clear is that smart city applications can achieve sustainability outcomes, namely through collaboration of co-design of locally demanded solutions. Some examples we discussed in the workshop as follows:


  • In Leipzig, a new district is designed without overloading the existing network for drainage. The solution: Designing blue green infrastructure through efficient water use, reuse and green design.
  • The Fab City movement is highly interesting for localizing smart city application through community involvement. The example of the Hamburg Fab City shows how communities, companies and universities co-design solutions.
  • Smart city developments are increasing in the Arab Region – see large-scale new cities like Neom, Lusail, New Administrative Capital or Masdar, but also district-level models in Cairo or else.
  • Developing common standards for smart city remains a big challenge, that can only be solved in collaboration with the industry.
  • An interesting case from Morocco: An entrepreneur (Insight Solutions) design a sensors system for waste collector to get them rewarded, and increase collection efficiency by the waste company. This means social impact and fuel saving!

Also, in the Gulf, there are many projects underway to make cities smart, green or sustainable and to build new one. See our publication here on futuristic cities in the Gulf. Also check our project on “smart and connected communities”.

This workshop has been organized by members of the AGYA Working Group Innovation Sara Abdel
Gaber, Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez, Mohammad Adm, Shadi Albarqouni, Abdelhamid Alhassi, Majid AlBusafi, Mohammad Al-Saidi, Sonja Buxbaum-Conradi, Djamel Djenouri, Nada El Darra, Ali Elgayar,
Luise Fischer, Lando Kirchmair, Lilia Makhloufi, Hiba N. Rajha, Lobna Said and Abdulsatar Sultan.

Produce locally, recycle everything, network globally: these are the core principles of Fab City.

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Innovation Group of AGYA

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Localizing "communities" within smart city visions

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